Tagg Romney (almost) became biggest donor among Mitt Romney’s five children

Mitt Romney’s five sons have all dished out plenty of cash to their Republican dad’s presidential campaign. 

But at first glance, it looks like the 42-year-old Tagg Romney, the eldest of the Romney bros, became the No. 1 donor among his siblings in contributions to his father’s election effort. 

While Romney for President committee donation records indicate his younger brothers — Ben, Craig, Josh and Matt — each contributed the max of $2,500 last spring, Tagg attempted to make two donations to dear ol’ dad. 

The Boston resident and father of six gave $2,500 in April 2011 and then tried to give another $390 just two months ago. Federal Election Commission records, however, show that that money was returned.

But no sibling rivalry here — it seems Tagg wasn’t trying to outdo the rest of the Romney brood with his extra donation, and was instead just helping out his papa with a little campaign housekeeping.

As it happens, the dates the entire Romney clan contributed were technically before the former Massachusetts governor announced his 2012 bid, in June of 2011. The Romney campaign attributes the donations to the candidate getting rid of debt from his 2008 White House run. 

It’s a common occurrence for in-kind contributions to be refunded if a donor goes over the limit.

Romney made a $250,000 donation to his campaign around the same time to help whittle down the debt.