Eshoo staffer pumped about new QR code

WE HEAR: One staffer for Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) is awfully excited about a new high-tech addition that lies right outside the congresswoman’s door in the Cannon House Office Building.

Eshoo, who represents Silicon Valley, just installed a QR code on the nameplate outside her office. Snapping a photo of the code on a smartphone sends visitors to her congressional website.

ITK has obtained an email from a staff assistant apparently about to burst with joy over the installation of the cool, 21st-century doodad. The message was sent to a listserv with the subject, “QR Codes are FUN!!!!!”

In the note, the aide suggests, “You should all make a QR code for your office! Your office will look so tech-savvy.”

The email contains a link so other House offices can create their own codes. It even adds a little bit of lighthearted peer pressure, with the inspired staffer writing, “It’s easy to do and all the cool kids are doing it.”

— Brendan Sasso contributed to this report.