Sigourney Weaver: Female president not likely soon

Despite playing the first lady in the 1993 flick “Dave” and taking on the role of a fictional secretary of State in her new TV miniseries, actress Sigourney Weaver doesn’t have high hopes that Americans will elect a female president anytime soon.

Asked during a video interview by NBCU Direct whether she believes the nation will see a female commander in chief in the near future, the star of the upcoming USA Network series “Political Animals” says, “The truth? I don’t think we will. I don’t think we have enough representation in general. We have so few women senators and we’re 51 percent of the population. It’s really unacceptable. We have to get more women in Washington.”

Weaver, 62, plays Secretary of State Elaine Barrish in the six-part series. Barrish has to juggle her State Department duties along with a scandal-sniffing journalist, all while in the middle of a divorce from a cheating husband (who happens to be an ex-president).

The “Avatar” actress tells NBCU Direct (which, like USA Network, is owned by NBC Universal) she’d like to see more women who resemble her character invade the nation’s capital. “She’s got such a strong moral compass, and she’s so articulate and she’s so caring. And I just feel we need more women like that in our government and in our world, you know? So I guess as a woman I thought, wow, maybe if we put her on screen, we can help make that happen in the world.”

“Political Animals” premieres July 15 on USA.

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