Media presses Voight on Pitt-Jolie wedding

Jon Voight says he has no inside information about reports regarding his famous daughter’s wedding.

Several media outlets claimed that A-list duo Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were poised to take the plunge earlier this month. The Hollywood power couple announced their engagement back in April.

Voight, a longtime Republican supporter, fielded questions Tuesday from journalists while attending the Republican National Convention.

When the TV show “Inside Edition” inquired about any walk down the aisle, Voight, 73, called the inquiry “gossip to distract from the convention.”

After a lengthy estrangement, the Academy Award-winning actor reportedly reconciled with the “Salt” star and mother of six in 2007.

Voight then said, “Look, guys — no, as a matter of fact, honestly, I don’t have any news about the wedding. I’ve heard about it only on your show and the magazines.”

— Molly K. Hooper contributed to this report