Steele takes credit for sunshine ... before rain

Michael Steele has some very impressive connections — apparently all it takes is a ring from the former Republican National Committee chairman to change the climate.

Steele has faced a barrage of questions from the media surrounding his choice of severe-weather-prone Tampa, Fla., to hold the convention (which he says was unanimously approved when he was chairman). 

The onetime Senate candidate was in a sunny mood Monday when ITK caught up with him outside an MSNBC taping in the city’s downtown area.

With the sun beaming down following a rainy, muggy day, Steele said, “The bottom line is, I heard the noise. So I made a phone call. Look at the weather — it’s gone away.”

The Republican National Convention was postponed by one day due to the threat of Tropical Storm-turned-Hurricane Isaac.

Steele quickly added with a broad smile, “If I get the blame for the storm, I’m going to get the credit for the sunshine!”

But Steele might want to have a chat with his contact high in the skies. Mere minutes after declaring the sun’s rays his doing, the skies opened up and a torrential downpour soaked those out and about in Tampa.