House candidate: Wife said she’d have a baby if I win

If Kurt Haskell wins his election in November, the Michigan Democrat won’t just have a House seat, he might also have a bundle of joy on the way.

The congressional candidate, who’s running against Rep. Tim Walberg (R), says his wife of more than 10 years, Lori, promised to have a baby if he wins a seat in Congress.

“I have a lot riding on this campaign,” jested Haskell at a Monday forum, according to the Michigan news site Haskell then said of Walberg, who is opposed to abortion rights, “This might be the first time my opponent has ever supported birth control in his life.”

The congressman deadpanned, “I hope she’s very fertile.”

The 61-year-old lawmaker, dad to three grown children, couldn’t seem to get buns in the oven off his brain later on in the discussion. Walberg told Haskell, “Kurt, have all the kids you want. I’m delighted about that and hope you have that opportunity to have all the kids you’d like. They change one’s life.”

Walberg added in a statement to ITK, “I wish them all good success in having a baby no matter the election outcome. But for their baby’s sake and all our kids’ and grandkids’, we’re working toward a Mitt Romney victory to help secure the American Dream for all in our great country.”

A request for further comment from Haskell was not returned.