Congressman breaks new hockey stick during charity game

Quigley was one of several members of Congress, which also included Reps. Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) and Pat Meehan (R-Pa.), participating in a USA Warriors versus Lawmakers ice hockey matchup in Arlington, Va. The Warriors team is made up of disabled military veterans.

All was not lost after Quigley busted his hockey stick (which he had just purchased right before the game) during his enthusiastic move. The congressman was able to return to the match after he managed to scrounge up a replacement stick — and his staff may work on getting their boss a refund for the busted one.

Quigley told us in a statement his competitors made for some tough opponents: “Despite the challenges they face, the USA Warriors hockey players have a love for hockey and a competitive spirit that remains strong. They definitely don’t hold anything back, and I should know, since a few of the guys gave me some pretty solid hits.”

The Lawmakers prevailed over the Warriors, with a score of 7-3, but Quigley was quick to give props to his competition on the ice, “No matter what the scoreboard says, in the end it’s the USA Warriors who are the big winners.”