Olympian Missy Franklin waiting on White House's call

ITK caught up with Franklin at Thursday’s USA Today 30th anniversary celebration at the National Portrait Gallery, where the iconic newspaper unveiled a new look.

When we asked if she had heard from any lawmakers following her Olympic wins, Franklin said with a laugh, “I know that the White House was trying to call me, but my phone didn’t have service. And then they tried to call my mom. But then it turned into a big mess. But it’s awesome that they even wanted to call!”

It seemed as if the high school student would finally get her chance to get up close to the president when she mentioned that a group of Olympians and Paralympians was due to visit the White House on Friday.

But alas, Franklin — who says she’s already training for the 2016 Games — won’t be among them.

“I’m not [going],” Franklin explained about missing out yet again on connecting with the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. “I have to get to school!”