Staffer won't question congressman about his hair

FOLLICLE WATCH: Rep. Rob Woodall appears to be sporting a lighter look — and not just because he got a trim.

The Georgia Republican was eyed on the House floor recently with a light reddish-brown shade of hair that seemed to replace the salt-and-pepper hues he had a month ago.

While he certainly wouldn't be the first to get a little help in the gray department, Woodall’s chief of staff, Derek Corbett, would only confirm his boss did, indeed, get a haircut. The jovial staffer proclaimed, “It’s cut very short because it gives him a youthful look.”

When pressed by ITK on whether Woodall might have had a little bit of artificial help in switching up the shade of his strands, Corbett replied, “Cut, yes. Color, I have no idea.” He added with a chuckle, “There’s a line we don’t cross as chief of staff.”