Former President George W. Bush memoir on sale Nov. 9

Following on the heels of a midterm election in which the GOP is expected to gain seats in Congress, former President George W. Bush’s memoir, Decision Points, will hit bookstores Nov. 9. 

According to a statement released Monday by Crown Publishers, the book will be organized around 14 critical moments in Bush’s life, and will draw from both his personal experience and his public service. Topics to be covered include the Sept. 11 attacks, his decision to go to war in Iraq, the 2000 presidential election and why Bush quit drinking.

Decision Points will be released simultaneously in hardcover, e-book and audio-book form, and it will carry a hefty price tag of $35.

In addition to the regular print run, Crown announced 1,000 limited-edition numbered and autographed copies will be sold for $350 each.

Bush will embark on a book tour in conjunction with the volume’s release.