Inside the Office of Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.): Michael Mansour II

Inside the Office of Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.): Michael Mansour II

Title: Legislative correspondent

Age: 25

Hometown: Newnan, Ga.

Education: University of Georgia

Last job: Office of Rep. John Linder (R-Ga.)

Office pet peeve: Making constituent letters fit correctly and aesthetically onto stationery

Most embarrassing moment on Capitol Hill: I was driving Congressman Gosar to see a wounded veteran at the Naval hospital in Bethesda. I knew I needed gas; I mentioned to the congressman that we would need to stop on the way to grab some, and he was OK with that. Well, I knew where on my route I wanted to get it, and I had just enough to get there. Unfortunately, there were numerous “suspicious packages” around the city, and many routes were closed, causing me to lose more gas and time by re-routing. Finally, at the circle at Foggy Bottom, I was nearly in sight of the gas station. I turn into the circle, into traffic, and my car sputters to a stop. To make a long story short, my boss and a construction worker had to push my car 30 to 40 yards, across traffic, in the rain, to the side of the circle so that I could run and get some gas at the Target gas station.

Michael Mansour II jokes he came into a love of politics and policy “later in life,” toward the end of high school.

“I wasn’t always in the market to go into government or law or policy or anything like that,” he says.

But after deciding he wanted to pursue law school, Mansour was advised by several lawyers that coming to Washington and working for members of Congress was a better bet — and would provide more hands-on experience — than “studying constitutional interpretation or anything like that.”

His time on Capitol Hill hasn’t dampened his interest in education, though, and he is considering pursuing a master’s degree part-time, possibly in public administration.

Citing his business-owner father and uncle as role models, Mansour said they taught him the value of good manners, a firm handshake 

and courtesy when interacting with others.

And this staffer has learned his lesson about always being prepared on the job, after running out of gas while driving the congressman.

“I felt like just running through traffic at that point because I was so embarrassed,” he said.

“The other day I was going to drive him, my chief of staff and one of our other staffers to a reception for a certain embassy,” he added. “I see them walking up behind me, and he and the chief just stop and start peering in my window. … I roll down the window and they look at each other and they go, ‘Does he have any gas in this car?’ And I was like, ‘Sirs, I have a full tank this time. There’s no need to worry.’ ”

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