Inside the Office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.): Adrienne Watson

Title: Press secretary

Age: 23

Hometown: Carmel, Ind.

Education: Education: B.A., West European History, 1920s-30s, Indiana University

Last job: Press assistant, then-Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.)

Biggest communications success: I recently redesigned our legislative website and I’m very proud of the final product.

Most memorable communications disaster: The autocorrect function on iPhone often goes hilariously wrong for me. I wish my phone would learn that I type “last night” more often than “Lady Icky” and “lol” more often than “kill.”

Best communications advice you’ve received: The best way to communicate with someone is to listen to them.

Most embarrassing moment on Capitol Hill:  I am a Diet Coke devotee and I cringe when my co-workers count how many cans are in my recycling bin, then follow up with the question, “Isn’t your dad a dentist?” Maybe not my most embarrassing moment, but this occurs frequently.

Interests outside of work: I love art and I also like playing tennis and watching basketball.

Growing up with older brothers, Adrienne Watson learned early the importance of communication.

“I’m the youngest,” Watson said, “so I’ve always had to speak up for myself a lot.”

As a Democrat growing up in a particularly conservative area of Indiana, Watson said, she has been vocal about her beliefs ever since she can remember.

Watson moved to a more liberal part of her state for college, enrolling at Indiana University and becoming active in the political scene there, even spending time as a volunteer for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

She also interned for former Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.), a position that ultimately led her to graduate a year early and take a full-time job with a contact she’d made in Hill’s office.

Cramming in all of her credits and moving out to the capital, Watson got to know the city by indulging her passion for tennis, hitting on “probably every court in Washington.”

 “That’s how I got around,” she recalled.

“There is no place better,” Watson said of Washington. “I knew I belonged.”

Despite her accomplishments at such a young age, Watson still has big dreams for the rest of her time in D.C.

Her “dream job” is White House press secretary, she said — which is probably many other people’s dream job, as well, she added. 

“In 15 years, look out,” Watson said with a laugh.

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