Meet the Lawmaker: Raul Rep. Raul Grijalva, 7th District

Rep. Grijalva: As a kid I had the nickname of “Gravel,” which I think was because of my last name. But that went away as I grew up. There are some murmurs of some not so good names that I don’t hear of too often.

What is your favorite hobby?

Rep. Grijalva: It’s pretty mundane, but I like to read a lot of history. Because I travel so much between here and home, it’s more a hobby of necessity than choice. But when I get home, [my hobby] is my two grandkids. They’ve become a hobby I play with, spoil, and then send home.

What household chore do you dislike?

Rep. Grijalva: Washing clothes. Laundry. I’ve got a place that has a washer and dryer, so I don’t have the excuse that I can take clothes to the dry cleaners. I really hate washing clothes.

After a long night of votes, how do you unwind?

Rep. Grijalva: Hanging out with staff, sometimes, but if it’s been a long week, we don’t necessarily want to see each other. So then I’ll go back and look at TV shows that I haven’t gotten a chance to see yet. I’m a big “Law & Order” junkie. I hope the closing episode is good. [Editor’s note: The show was recently canceled.] It’s got to be good, like “M*A*S*H.” And I’m a big History Channel nut.

What is something that shocked you about how Congress operates?

Rep. Grijalva: The slow pace. I thought it would be more dynamic. When they say it’s a deliberate body, it’s the full definition of deliberate, in every sense.

Who is your favorite musician or musical group?

Rep. Grijalva: I have a new singer that I fell in love with, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. I love them. She’s got a new record out [“I Learned the Hard Way”]. That’s my new favorite. And I like standards from my generation. I’d have to say Curtis Mayfield [is my favorite].

How many autographs do you sign per year?

Rep. Grijalva: A couple of hundred.