Meet the Lawmaker

Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-Ohio)
Residence: Tiffin, Ohio 
Time in Congress: 18 years 
Significant other: Karen 
Age: 67

What is your proudest moment?
Rep. Gillmor: Oh dear, probably several proud moments, when all of my kids came into the world, so I had a proudest moment five times.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Rep. Gillmor: Ice cream.

Is there a particular flavor that you like?

Rep. Gillmor: I am just a plain vanilla type of guy. Now if somebody accidentally dropped some hot fudge on it, I would still eat it.

Tell me something no one knows about you.
Rep. Gillmor: No, then everybody would know it.

Have you ever mentioned your position while getting a speeding ticket?
Rep. Gillmor: No, I never have. I have been stopped once or twice where an officer recognized me, but I have never given my title, and that’s pretty rare because I am hardly ever stopped because I don’t speed that much.

Who is your favorite Democrat?
Rep. Gillmor: Would have been my mother, who voted Democrat all her life until I ran for office and she decided that it was time to switch.

Finish this sentence: The one thing I cannot tolerate is …
Rep. Gillmor: Redundant long and boring speeches, particularly in Congress.

Any one of those that you are thinking of?
Rep. Gillmor: Not for attribution.

After a long night of late votes, how do you unwind?
Rep. Gillmor: I usually go back and put my feet up, watch a movie or television, preferably some kind of funny stuff, comedy.

Do you have a favorite political movie?
Rep. Gillmor: I don’t really watch political movies. I feel like I get enough politics in real life. I don’t need to get extra politics in movies. I go a little bit more for the lighter, more fun movies.

Such as?
Rep. Gillmor: I like the “Star Wars” movies. I like the Harry Potter movies. I have children, and we like to watch all those together.

If you would fire one lawmaker, who would it be?
Rep. Gillmor: Not for attribution.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Rep. Gillmor: I wanted to be an Air Force pilot.

Any particular reason?
Rep. Gillmor: I don’t know — the same reason some kids want to be firemen or engineers. I just wanted to be an Air Force pilot. I did make it into the Air Force, but I wasn’t a pilot.

How long were you in the Air Force?
Rep. Gillmor: A year and a half active duty.

What is your favorite household chore?
Rep. Gillmor: I think if I had any favorite chores it would probably be working on my boat because if you kind of enjoy it, it’s not a real chore.

Do you have a least favorite chore?
Rep. Gillmor: All the others.