Meet the Lawmaker Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.)

Time in Congress: 11 years 
Residence: Indianapolis, Ind. 
Significant Other: Divorced 
Age: 67 

If you could fire one lawmaker, who would it be?
Carson: [Laughs] “I don’t want to answer that.”

If you weren’t yourself, which lawmaker would you prefer to be?
Carson: Dead or alive?
Doesn’t matter.
Carson: Barbara Jordan.
Carson: Smart focused, articulate.

Greatest regret…
Carson: “The war in Iraq.”

Best moment…
Carson: “I will just simply say living with my mother.”
Finish this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world is…
Carson: My home.

And this one: The one thing I cannot tolerate is…
Carson: Lying.

Saddest moment…
Carson: Losing my mother.

Has God ever spoken to you?
Carson: “Yes.”
Carson: “[Through my] faith.”
What household chore do you dislike most?
Carson: “I like all of them. It’s my outlet.”