Meet the lawmaker

Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii)
Time in Congress: 5 years 
Residence: Kaneohe, Hawaii 
Significant Other: Wife Audrey 
Age: 53

After a long day of voting, what do you do to unwind?
Case:  I call my wife. She’s usually five or six time zones behind me.”

What is your favorite dessert?
Case:  Poha berry ice cream. It’s a berry from Hawaii. Great flavor. Melts in your mouth.

What is your biggest regret?
Case: I really don’t have regrets in life; really nothing comes to me as a real regret. Nothing that I dwell on. I’ve really had a very good life.

What is your favorite political TV show?
Case: “Iron Chef.” Lots of politics on that show. You know, you get the chairman there and you get the judges there, and you obviously have a lot of showmanship in the kitchen stadium. When I’m home I wind down with my wife that way. She likes the cooking, and I like the politics.

How many autographs do you sign a year?
Case: “I don’t think I’m up into the thousands, but I’m sure under the multihundreds.”

What household chore do you like/dislike?
Case: “I absolutely love all of my household chores. There is no household chore that I dislike at all. Whatsoever. Indisputably. I would take more if my wife would give me more.”

How many times have you said, “Do you know who I am?”
Case: Never. Not once. A big no-no in local style in Hawaii. I take it back. I think I’ve said it to the mirror a few times.

Have you been to college or high school reunions?
Case: Yep, very good place to meet your wife. That’s where I met her. Well I re-met her at a reunion, high school classmates, and I re-met her at our 30th high school reunion 20 years ago. (Laughter) I’m just kidding. It was a 30th year reunion six years ago now. It was a very good reunion. Best reunion of my life.