Meet the lawmaker: Rep. Henry Brown Jr. (R-S.C.)

What do you like most about Washington?
Rep.  Brown: I think it’s pretty special to serve up here. There have been 36 members that have been privileged to serve [this district of] South Carolina since 1802.

What do you dislike about Washington?
Rep.  Brown: It’s not at home. It’s away from home and your family.

Please finish this sentence. My favorite place in the whole world is…
Rep.  Brown: My farm in Berkeley County, outside of Charleston. I have 1,500 acres. There are lakes, deer, turkey and ducks.

If you could have dinner with five people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Rep.  Brown: It’s pretty hard to pick five. I’d like to be able to invite some of the members who’ve served in [this] seat over history, over the last 205 years. I would pick five of them. See what it was like in 1802 or 1860.

If you were stuck on a deserted island with one member, who would it be?
Rep.  Brown: Golly, I don’t know how that would work [laughs]. My chances of being stuck on an island are pretty remote.

Who is your favorite actor?

Rep.  Brown: Harrison Ford. I really [like his work].

What is your favorite TV show?

Rep.  Brown: Fox News. Bill O’Reilly. “CSI.”

Has God ever spoken to you?
Rep.  Brown: I don’t know about spoken, but as I go back and reflect, I think he’s directing my path. I don’t know if it’s spoken, but it’s in a different way.