Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), 3rd district

If I weren’t a lawmaker, I’d be …
“In some type of sales. That was my background before I came to Washington. I like meeting with people, and I like talking to people. I’d say sales are my forte.”

What is your favorite possession?
“My grandfather lived to be 98, and my grandmother was 89. From the early 1900s, I have the letters that he wrote my grandmother before they were married. I would say the 20 to 30 letters in my possession are very important. It’s not so much about possessions. I would say they are very important to me because they not only tell me something about my grandparents, but they are also a part of history. My grandfather was not an educated man, but the way he expressed his love for her is very special to me.”  

Who is your favorite talk-show host?
“Let’s see. I’m a big C-SPAN junkie. Even when I’m home in the morning before going off, I’m turning on C-SPAN. Several people come to mind. I’m always looking for a fair-minded individual who doesn’t play the party politics game.”

If you could fire any lawmaker, who would it be?
“[Laughs] I don’t think there’s anybody. It’s like I tell the kids at the schools I visit in my district: There’re 435 members of Congress. There are many who I don’t agree with, but I have respect for every member of Congress because I believe sincerely they’re trying to do their best for this nation.”

If you weren’t yourself, which lawmaker would you prefer to be?
“I can’t tell you for these reasons: I have always said that I am who I am, with weaknesses and a few strengths. I’m not a jealous person. I might be impressed with someone else, but there’s nobody in the Congress that I would change places with.”

My favorite place in the world is …
“Going to Mass on Sunday. I’m a convert to Catholicism. It would either be St. Peter’s Catholic Church [in Greenville, N.C.] or St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church [in Farmville, N.C.]. For me, one hour in that church is my time to be at peace.”

Saddest moment:
“My saddest moment was probably the death of my mom and dad. It was the fact that as long as I was on the earth, they would not be there.”

Best moment:
“The birth of my daughter 34 years ago. At that time it was very unusual for the husband to be in the room with the wife, [but the doctor] allowed me to be in there to view the miracle of birth, and it was a joy to see my daughter delivered.”

Has God ever spoken to you?
“Usually when I have to make a difficult decision, God gives me a peaceful sleep. In my humble opinion, that is my Lord saying he approves of my decision. That is how I feel that God is with me and has approved of what I’ve done.”

What household chore do you dislike?
“Probably cleaning out the garage. It just seems to need my attention more times than not.”