Meet the Lawmaker: Sen. Blanche Lincoln

• Age: 48
• Residence: Arlington, Va.
• Time in office: 10 years
• Significant other: Husband, Steve Lincoln, and twin sons Reece and Bennett

My favorite place in the whole world is …
Sen. Lincoln: With my family.

What did you want to be when you were young?
Sen. Lincoln: A nurse.

Who’s your favorite musician or musical group?
Sen. Lincoln: That’s a tough one. I like them all. I’d probably go with Al GreenAl GreenDem postpones unveiling impeachment measure after Vegas shooting Dem lawmaker: Black Americans shouldn't go to White House until Trump apologizes for NFL attacks Let Trump say what he wants — the president has a right to free speech MORE.

If you weren’t yourself, which lawmaker would you prefer to be?
Sen. Lincoln: I don’t know. I’m very comfortable in my own skin.

What household chore do you dislike?

Sen. Lincoln: Ironing.

Has God ever spoken to you?
Sen. Lincoln: Daily. Just in being there for me when I need him. Daily and hourly I lift up a prayer … He’s never stranded me.