Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.)

What are the best and worst things about Washington?

Sen. Hagan: The best thing is the architecture. Just seeing the Washington Monument and the Capitol … just the symbolism that the architecture represents.  
The worst thing is the traffic.

What did you want to be when you were young?

Sen. Hagan: It depends on what age. A lawyer, a businesswoman, and when I was really young, a ballet dancer.

Who’s your favorite lawmaker of the opposite party?

Sen. Hagan: There were two state legislators, Stan Bingham and Fletcher Hartsell — both great guys I used to work with in the state legislature.

Finish this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world is …

Sen. Hagan: I do a lot of hiking, so the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina.
It is beautiful in the fall — it’s beautiful any time of year.

Has God ever spoken to you?

Sen. Hagan: I take my religion and my faith very seriously and very personally.