Alyssa Milano

My 5 Minutes with the President

A child star at age 11, playing Samantha Micelli on “Who’s the Boss?” Alyssa Milano later gained further acclaim for her nine years playing Phoebe Halliwell on the WB series “Charmed.” An avid sports fan, Milano also owns a female sports apparel line, Touch. Her latest film, “Hall Pass,” is a comedy set for release in February. Outside her acting and producing career in Hollywood, Milano is dedicated to philanthropic works, including her role as a human rights, animal rights and political activist. Milano serves as a United States goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and is a founding member of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Robin Bronk: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him?
Alyssa Milano: Global health.

RB: What issue would you like him to know about?
AM: The neglected diseases of poverty.

RB: If you could give President Obama one piece of advice, what would that be?
AM: Be the guy I elected into office.

RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?
AM: What do you think about LeBron’s move, and our obsession with it? What does it say about us as a society?

RB: Would you ever consider a political career?
AM: Never. You have to have a certain amount of game to have a career in politics. I have no game. (Although I am pretty good at Scrabble.)

Bronk is a seasoned Capitol Hill strategist and advocate. She started her career at The Creative Coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group for the arts and entertainment industry, in July 1998. During her tenure as CEO, Bronk has taken The Creative Coalition from a New York-based entity to a national organization.