Shay Mitchell

My 5 Minutes with the President

Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress and model. She stars in the ABC Family original series “Pretty Little Liars” as Emily Fields. By her late teens, Mitchell had successfully modeled for a variety of companies, including American Eagle Outfitters, until landing roles in “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” the Disney series “Aaron Stone” and “Rookie Blue.” Mitchell also serves as the spokeswoman for the Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo line.

ROBIN BRONK: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him? What issue would you like him to know about? 

SHAY MITCHELL: His thoughts on what the United States, as a nation, is doing to address the terrible problem of human trafficking. 

RB: If you could give President Obama one piece of advice, what would that be? 

SM: It would be beyond pretentious for me to offer President Obama advice. However, if I were to, I might suggest to him that, in those moments when he thinks that everyone is against him, there are still many people from around the world, not just the United States, who recognize the enormity of the challenges that he faces every day, and support him in his efforts to resolve them.

RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?

SM: Quite simply, I would ask him how he manages to deal with the incredible pressure and stress that he is constantly having to face as president of the United States. From the outside, it appears as though it must sometimes be just unbearable.

RB: What book would you offer to lend President Obama? Why?

SM: Something light and humorous to help make him laugh and bring a smile to his face. I’m thinking something outlandish like Bill Maher’s The New New Rules.

RB: If you were going to send the president to one place in the United States for one day, where would that be? Why?

SM: The set of “Pretty Little Liars,” so that the cast and crew could spend the day with him and give him the “presidential treatment!”

RB: Would you ever consider a political career?

SM: Not in a million years! Although I recognize the importance and public service of being a good politician, I could never handle the constant scrutiny that goes with the job!

Bronk is a seasoned Capitol Hill strategist and advocate. She started her career at The Creative Coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy group for the arts and entertainment industry, in July 1998. During her tenure as CEO, Bronk has taken The Creative Coalition from a New York-based entity to a national organization. www.thecreativecoalition.org