If you had five minutes with the president: Derek Theler

If you had five minutes with the president: Derek Theler

Derek Theler co-stars in the ABC Family show “Baby Daddy.” His other television credits include the CW’s “90210” and “Conan.” A pre-med graduate from Colorado State University, Derek is a Type 1 diabetic, and often serves as a spokesman for those with the disease. 

ROBIN BRONK: If you had five minutes in the Oval Office with President Obama, what would you discuss with him? What issue would you like him to know about?

DEREK THELER: I would spend the first minute taking pictures with him. Then I would use the last four minutes asking him how he would grade himself on his first-term performance. People from both sides are very loud with their opinions, and it would be nice to hear what he has to say. I would like to know what he thinks is going well and what he is currently struggling with. 

RB: If you could ask President Obama one question, what would that be?

DT: I would like to hear his perspective on his vision of the future of America for my generation.

RB: If you were going to send the president to one of your favorite places in the United States for one day, where would that be? Why?

DT: Fort Collins, Colo. I was lucky enough to see the president speak there when he was campaigning, but I’m sure his visit was quick. So, I would love to have the opportunity to show him the city for a day. The people are very friendly and the mountains are spectacular. It is a college town that houses my alma mater [Colorado State University], so I also know the best places for happy hour!

RB: What CD/piece of music would you recommend that President Obama add to his collection? Why?

DT: My favorite CD is “Back In Black” by AC/DC but I’m pretty sure he has that one, and if he doesn’t he can have mine. A band I like that he might not have heard is Minus The Bear. They are an alternative band that I like to listen to, to relax. He has a busy couple of months ahead of him, so this might be a good choice for him.