Look, in the bowl, it’s Soupergirl

For the always-busy set who want healthy lunches but never have time to pack food or escape the office for the nearest salad shop, Soupergirl might be the answer. The local company offers homemade soups for delivery or pickup. 

Soupergirl has a storefront location in D.C.’s Takoma Park neighborhood, but it covers many parts of the city and suburbs in its delivery and pickup services. It uses all-natural ingredients and local produce in its menu, which features weekly rotations of a chunky, hearty, meal-style soup; a pureed, smooth appetizer-style soup; salads; and sides.

The “Chunky Winter Soup Extravaganza,” for instance, includes carrots, tomatoes, butternut squash, chili peppers and coconut milk. Described as one of Soupergirl’s favorites, this soup is surprisingly light yet filling and has a flavorful and tasty broth with just the right amount of spices. 

The “Economic Recovery Carrot Almond Soup” is one of the pureed soups. It comes with a description fictitiously portraying Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) saying, “If Soupergirl can bring together such exotic flavors and ingredients as carrots, almonds, ginger, cinnamon, cumin and more in such a delicious, unique way, surely we can fix the economy.” This appetizer-style soup is creamy and smooth and features a concoction of spices that offers a kick with each bite.

The accompanying “Wheat Berry Waldorf Salad” made with wheat berries, walnuts, apples and nutmeg, among other ingredients, is crunchy and refreshing. Tasty meal add-ons include “souper croutons” and cornbread, as well as a chocolate chip walnut cookie. 

On Mondays, a menu with the next week’s soup and salad choices is sent via email to Soupergirl subscribers for delivery and pickup. Orders can be made online but must be submitted by 6 p.m. Thursday for delivery or pickup the following week. Delivery to specific addresses is available in seven areas based on zip code, including Capitol Hill and surrounding neighborhoods in D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

On one recent occasion, a Soupergirl order packaged for immediate consumption or to be frozen for up to six months was promptly delivered in-person to an address in Crystal City with specific instructions and tips on how best to enjoy the soups and salad.

Pickup is also available from one of 15 partner locations around town, and carry-out orders can be made at Soupergirl’s Northwest D.C. store.

Soup costs $6.75 per pint and $12.75 per quart, while salad costs $6.25 per pint and $12 per quart. Delivery is offered for orders of more than $14.50, and pickup is available at no cost.