Inside Scoop on Senate’s new frozen yogurt shop

Many working in the Hart and Dirksen Senate office buildings would agree that the Senate Chef is a simple, quick way to grab lunch — but might not always be the tastiest option. 

But Inside Scoop has added some zip to the menu. The Senate Chef’s new frozen-yogurt shop has six rotating flavors per day and comes in a small eight-ounce or large 12-ounce tub. (The Senate Chef can be elusive to those not familiar with the upper chamber’s office buildings. It’s located in the ground-level connector hallway between Dirksen and Hart.)

The usual favorites are there — chocolate, vanilla and strawberry — but some novelty flavors, like tart, tangy orange, coconut and espresso, alternate during the week. 

Prices are reasonable, at 50 cents per ounce, though toppings will add to the weight of the tub and are counted as such. 

Going by personal experience, a full 12-ounce tub plus three different toppings will cost around $6. The frozen yogurt is supplied by yocream, a company that has been producing such products for more than 30 years and commits to less than or around 100 calories for every four-ounce serving of any of its flavors.

There are a number of toppings to try, from real strawberries to gummy bears and sour worms. All frozen yogurts and toppings are self-serve, so staffers who are running around and don’t think they have time for lunch might find it to be a quick and easy option to get through the day. There are typically no lines, with the usual six frozen yogurt pumps all available at one time. 

Diners can take the frozen yogurt to go or sit in the eatery and finish it off — either way, the environment doesn’t change how great it tastes. 

For those wanting just frozen yogurt for lunch, a 12-ounce tub with toppings certainly makes a meal, or it can be shared between three people who are just looking for an afternoon sugar-infused pick-me-up.