Vino Veritas

Derek M. LaVallee - 07/24/13 10:30 PM EDT
It’s summer, a time to keep things light and casual. In that spirit, I offer some fun wine trivia you can impress your friends and family with during the backyard barbecue:In ancient Greece, the dinner host would take the first sip of wine to ensure...
Derek M. LaVallee - 05/28/13 10:45 PM EDT
Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Although the calendar and the weather are not in stride quite yet, it’s time to awaken our wine palates after a longer than usual winter/spring hibernation. I turn to vibrant whites to get reacclimated...
Derek M. Lavalee - 03/20/13 11:06 PM EDT
In the mid-1990s, young women at the National Cathedral School here in our nation’s capital had no way of knowing their patient and personable honors math teacher, known casually to them as Cramer, would later become one of the most talented...
Derek M. LaVallee - 02/06/13 11:04 PM EST
In 2001, Frédéric Brochet, a professor at the University of Bordeaux, conducted a simple experiment using his students. He presented them with two glasses of wine, one white, one red, and asked them to describe both. What the students didn’t know...
Derek M. LaVallee - 06/26/13 10:51 PM EDT
I have a summer crush bordering on an obsession. Her name is Chateau Musar Jeune Rose. We met at a local market. From the moment I first laid my eyes on this beautiful bottle, I wished it could be my little secret. Alas, it turns out she has long...
Derek M. LaVallee - 04/25/13 11:44 PM EDT
For centuries Champagne has been the most widely recognized beverage in the world. Yet if asked for any basic information about it, such as the grapes it is made from or what produces all of those bubbles, most people would be stumped.I know this to...
Derek M. LaVallee - 02/27/13 11:29 PM EST
A recent study revealed a majority of households in the U.S. consume the same 10 meals for dinner over and over again. With all the food available to us — fresh, frozen or fast — our diets are inexcusably narrow.It’s even worse when it comes to wine...
Derek M. LaVallee - 12/13/12 11:13 PM EST
The Journal of Experimental Psychology: General published a study last month that found that gift givers should choose items that receivers sincerely desire rather than hunting for what the giver thinks is a considerate gift. According to Dr....

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