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Through print, online and events, The Hill's powerhouse of vehicles signal the important issues of the moment, and together have earned the reputation of being a complete and comprehensive source of Congressional news. The Hill serves to connect the players, define the issues and engage Washington's decision makers in the debate.

Since 1994, The Hill has reported on the intersection of politics and business, connecting Capitol Hill, K Street, Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue for non-partisan coverage of all factors in legislative decisions. It offers objective and in-depth coverage of Congress, the Administration, business and lobbying, campaigns and more.

The Hill has a print circulation of above 24,000 -- with the largest circulation on Capitol Hill -- and is read by opinion leaders, including 100% of Congressional offices, the White House, political pundits, association executives, lobbyists and corporate leaders.

James A. Finkelstein

Bob Cusack

Adam Prather

Associate Publisher:
Mario Grande


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Ian Swanson

Albert Eisele

Deputy Managing Editor/
Special Projects Director

Jennifer Yingling

News Editor
Dustin Weaver

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Joel Kabot
Meghashyam Mali
Niall Stanage
A.B. Stoddard

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Cheryl Segal

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Joseph Picard

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Kyle Balluck

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Elliot Smilowitz

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Audience and Strategy:

Neetzan Zimmerman

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Cathryn Kulat
Tristan Lejeune

Senior Staff Writers
Alexander Bolton
Scott Wong

Staff Writers
Cory Bennett, Jesse ByrnesTimothy Cama, Jordain Carney, Tim Devaney, Jonathan Easley, Jordan Fabian,  Sarah Ferris, Lisa Hagen, Julian Hattem, Devin Henry, Mark Hensch, Molly K. Hooper, Naomi Jagoda, Ben Kamisar,  Rebecca Kheel, Judy Kurtz, Keith Laing, Sylvan Lane, Mike Lillis, Cristina Marcos, Cate Martel, David McCabe, Vicki Needham, Harper Niedig, Amie Parnes, Bradford Richardson, Peter Schroeder, Peter Sullivan,  Jonathan Swan, Mario Trujillo, Lydia Wheeler, Katie Bo Williams, Megan R. Wilson, Kristina Wong, Caitlin Yilek

Contributing Writers
Brent Budowsky, Lanny Davis, John Feehery, Judd Gregg, Mark Mellman, Dick Morris, Markos Moulitsas, Katie Pavlich, Bill Press, David Webb, Juan Williams

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Ashley Perks

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Garrett Evans
Rebecca Dickson

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Greg Nash


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Jesse James Helfrich

Copy Editors
John Davis

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Eric Garland
Wes Jones

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Alexandra Oliveira

Sean Root
Joaquin Sosa


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Aaron Finley
Katy McKegney

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Beth Pershing

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Brittany Grant

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Cynthia Sommerfeld



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Beth A. Tray

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Caitlin Forrester



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Megan Hupp
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Keeley Peters
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Amanda Fulton

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Sheila Casey

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Diana Marrero

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Kristin Lance

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Ariel Spivakovsky

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Thomayne Grant

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Rory McCafferty

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Tracey Applo

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