Thank you for your interest in interning at The Hill.

The Hill has a very active internship program. At The Hill, we believe
strongly that an internship is what an intern makes it. We reward
initiative and judge on merit. Interns have an opportunity equal to
anyone else in getting their writing published.

Interns for The Hill have traveled to the Republican, Democratic and Reform
party conventions, and have broken major stories, receiving widespread
recognition. Their work has also appeared on The Hill website,

NOTE: The Hill is accepting internship applications for the spring of 2018.

A Hill internship will include intense exposure to national
politics and Congress. Interns will experience a fast pace and deadline

The Hill publishes five times a week when both chambers of Congress
are in session and once a week the rest of the year.


Intern duties consist primarily of writing and reporting. Interns also
assist reporters and frequently get assignments that take them to the
Capitol and the halls of Congress.

Interns have some clerical duties, including assisting with production
on deadline days. These can include photocopying, helping to find
photographs, couriering material to and from Capitol Hill and assisting
reporters with fact-checking.

The Schedule and Workplace

The Hill accommodates academic schedules and interns do not have to be
present all five days or can work partial days.

However, summer interns must work five days a week.

Generally, interns are expected to report to work at 9 a.m.
and work at least until 5 p.m. on the days they are in the office,
however interns will find their schedule varies depending on their

The Hill does not have a dress code, but regular business attire is
required as interns could be required to go to Capitol Hill at any

Mature, businesslike behavior is expected in the workplace. Like all
staff, interns are expected to fulfill any and all assignments given

The Hill's offices are located at 1625 K Street, Suite 900. The Capitol
is a quick subway ride away.

Directions: The offices are very close to the Washington Metro system,
at the Farragut West station. Once on the platform, leave either exit
and head toward K Street. Walk a half-block and turn right on K Street.
Cross the street and walk about a block and a half.

Parking is scarce and very expensive. Nearby commercial lots usually
fill by 11 a.m. There is on-street parking but only between 10 am and 4
pm. and meter enforcement is very strict.

Terms and Conditions

All Hill internships are unpaid.

Interns are entirely responsible for their own lodging and travel. The
Hill assumes no responsibility and cannot compensate any outside
expenses connected with an internship.

The Hill assumes no liability and accepts no responsibility for intern
behavior outside the workplace.

To Apply:

It is strongly recommended that applicants familiarize themselves with
the newspaper before applying.

Anyone interested in a Hill internship can send a letter and relevant materials via the mail. No e-mails please.

The Hill
Attn: Meghashyam Mali
1625 K Street
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20006

Be sure to spell out:

1. The semester for which you're applying.
2. The dates of your internship.
3. The days of the week you're available.
4. The hours you are available.
5. Any school forms or the names of any relevant faculty.

The best times to apply are:

October-November for the following Spring semester (January-May).
Decisions will likely be made in December.

January-March for the following Summer semester (May-August). Decisions
will likely be made in March-April.

May-August for the following Fall semester (September-December).
Decisions will likely be made in July-August.

The Hill does not publish the last two weeks of August or the last two
weeks of December.

Thank you for your interest in The Hill.