Approaching The Tipping Point: The Implications of Student Loan Debt and the Need for Education Debt Management

American Student Assistance is a private nonprofit organization whose public purpose mission is to help college students and their families successfully manage higher education debt. Through proactive counseling, guidance, and education, ASA provides borrowers with neutral, personalized federal student loan solutions throughout their entire loan experience.  Using a data-driven approach, ASA identifies the key stages of a student loan where the borrower must make critical decisions about repayment and then implements corresponding education debt management communications that are proactive, customized, and well-timed with their outreach.  According to the U.S. Department of Education, ASA averted over $120 million dollars in defaults as a result of its debt management programs for federal student loan borrowers.  Established in 1956 as the nation’s first student loan guarantor and based in Boston, Massachusetts, ASA currently provides delinquency prevention services to 1.8 million borrowers nationwide.

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