Gov. Rendell says that Ryan is biggest wuss of Republican convention

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) says Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanHouse Republicans grumble about the 'worst process ever' Winners and losers from the .3T omnibus Collins: McConnell has 'kept his commitment' on ObamaCare fix MORE was the biggest “wuss” of the Republican National Convention.

When asked Sunday to name who took the wuss cake in Tampa, Fla., the MSNBC contributor and “A Nation of Wusses” author replied, “It’s always an act of blatant wussiness to tell things that you know aren’t true, and Paul Ryan obviously steals the show.” 

Citing the Wisconsin congressman’s comments on Medicare, Rendell added, “There isn’t anybody who’s looked at his speech that’s the slightest bit neutral or objective that said that he didn’t lie.”

Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck responded to Rendell’s remarks in an emailed statement, “The truth about President Obama’s broken promises hurt. With these disgraceful charges from Democrats, it’s clear they want to tear down anyone articulating the obvious: people aren’t better off than they were four years ago.”

While calling the Tampa convention “pretty good,” Rendell, 68, contends that Republicans “missed an opportunity to make it great.”

The former mayor of Philadelphia says it’s still too early to name the wuss king or queen among the Democrats in Charlotte: “It remains to be seen. I hope no one. I hope everyone talks and tells the truth.”

One person at the GOP convention who didn’t get the wuss treatment from the TV analyst is Clint Eastwood. Rendell says he just feels sorry for the 82-year-old “Dirty Harry” star, who delivered a headline-grabbing scolding to an empty chair ahead of Mitt Romney’s Thursday-night speech.

“I actually like Clint Eastwood as a performer [and] as a producer … What a thing to be known for. For all the great things he’s done and all the courageous things he’s done in his art, the vast majority of Americans are going to remember him for that.”

He added, “It distracted from a good Romney speech. Republicans always talk about the mainstream media favoring the Democrats. Can you imagine if we had at this convention — a Hollywood star came in and trashed a sitting Republican president and implied that the president said, ‘Go f--k yourself,’ or something like that? Can you imagine the outrage on the other side? They would’ve acted as if it was an act of treason.”