Potty-themed souvenirs bring yuck factor to Charlotte convention

If you’re looking for the perfect gross-out political gift for that certain someone, look no further than the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

That’s where ITK stumbled upon “Political Poopers,” — i.e., candy dispensers in the likenesses of President Obama and Mitt Romney that dish out candy from their, er, bottoms.

The commander in chief version declares it’s “candy you can believe in!”

The Republican presidential nominee’s dispenser describes Romney as “straight out of the Republican ‘potty.’ ”

As if the gag-inducing humor weren’t enough, an online description for the Romney candy takes a few jabs at the former Massachusetts governor, saying that the toy is “a party pooper who can keep this one presidential promise: wind him up and he’s guaranteed to walk and ‘poop’ our delicious red, white and blue candies anywhere, but especially on tax returns!”

At least the silly souvenirs won’t soil one’s bank account — they’re for sale for about $9 each.