California Dem bashes GOP convention for lack of diversity, mean-spiritedness

A leading voice on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) bashed Republicans on Tuesday for hosting a Florida convention mean in spirit and lacking diversity.

Rep. Mike Honda (Calif.), the DNC vice-chairman, said the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., has avoided the "vitriol" he says marked last week's GOP gathering in Tampa, Fla.

"One of the biggest difference between the RNC and the DNC conventions? The tone," Honda said in an email. "People are nice here. There is no vitriolic denigrating of 'bad' people like we witnessed on the Tampa stage. Just a positive push for policies that ensure opportunity for all Americans."

Honda, who once headed the Congressional Asian Pacific Caucus, also touted what he sees as the diversity of the crowd gathered in Charlotte — an unveiled accusation that the Republicans, despite their best efforts in Tampa, didn't conquer historic perceptions that they're less inclusive of women and minorities than Democrats.

"All of America is here in Charlotte — in all its colors, creeds and orientations — which is another DNC difference," Honda said.

The DNC is set to gavel in the start of the Democrats' convention Tuesday evening, with the official nomination of President Obama scheduled for Thursday.