Messina: GOP doesn’t want ‘people involved in our democracy’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Obama campaign manager Jim Messina ripped Republican attempts to increase restrictions on voter ID laws during his convention speech here Thursday night, saying the GOP doesn’t want “more people involved in our democracy.”

Messina was touting his campaign’s grassroots organization.

“Every morning, the first thing I read are the numbers from the day before,” Messina told delegates at the Democratic National Convention. “Not poll numbers or money. The numbers that mean something: door-knocks, conversations, registered voters. Our volunteers have made 44 million calls and knocked on 3.8 million doors. We've registered more than a million voters — already more than in 2008.”

“No state has registered more people than the great, blue state of North Carolina,” he continued. “We're doing exactly what the Republicans don't want: getting more people involved in our democracy.”

Rep. John Lewis (R-Ga.) also referenced the escalating battle over voter ID laws in his convention speech.

“Too many people struggled, suffered and died to make it possible for every American to exercise their right to vote,’’ he said Thursday night.

Democrats and Republicans have been clashing over the issue as legislation has reached several state houses in an election year.

Republicans argue the stricter laws eliminate fraud, while Democrats say it’s a ploy to disenfranchise voters that are more likely to vote Democratic but less likely to have a government-issued ID.