Liberal group uses Isaac to hit GOP on disaster aid

The group says GOP vice presidential candidate Ryan's budget cuts billions from disaster relief funding, and that House and Senate Republicans “blocked billions” in disaster relief to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Earlier this year, House Republicans ignored portions of Ryan’s budget on the controversial issue of disaster relief, spending over the discretionary levels set in his 2013 budget. 

In 2011, the first two appropriations bills passed by House Republicans were hotly contested by Democrats because of the deep cuts to disaster aid they contained. The debate came on those cuts came in the wake of a devastating tornado in Missouri.

Republicans canceled Monday’s convention events due to Tropical Storm Isaac. While Tampa will not take the brunt of the hit, the RNC and Mitt Romney’s campaign issued a revised convention schedule on Sunday as worries grew that the storm could develop into a Category 2 hurricane and hit New Orleans as it moves toward the Gulf Coast.

This is the second consecutive GOP convention to be affected by a hurricane. Four years ago, Republicans canceled some events on the first day of their national convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul when Hurricane Gustav struck the Gulf Coast of Louisiana.