Herman Cain marks a 'bittersweet' moment

This week, Republicans are gathering to anoint a different leader, and Cain is reflecting on what might have been.

“It’s always bittersweet when you compete for anything,” he said.

Cain is looking to help the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney from the outside, and trying to stay relevant.

“I am fully behind the Romney-Ryan ticket,” the pizza magnate said.

Cain said that conservative enthusiasm for Romney might be less visible than enthusiasm for the GOP nominee in 2008, but it is still there.

“You may not see it with a lot of rallies like you did four years ago, but I believe conservatives are united behind Mitt Romney,” he said.

Cain said he is planning a 30-city tour in September and October, holding three events a day to keep the focus on big economic issues. The tour is an independent Cain effort, not coordinated with the Romney-Ryan campaign.