Axelrod hits GOP, Romney on platform

The Obama campaign's top strategist took a jab at Mitt Romney and the Republicans on Tuesday, suggesting the GOP is as reluctant to publicly discuss its platform as Romney is to release his tax returns.

"The GOP platform. One MORE thing Mitt isn't eager to release!" David Axelrod tweeted.

Leaked elements of the platform say that the Republican Party believes "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed," according to The Associated Press. The GOP, according to the platform, is against public funding for promoting or performing abortions.

The preamble to the platform includes a promise that, if elected, Republicans will reform how government works, especially concerning "budgets, taxes and regulates." Also included in the platform is a promise to extend all the George W. Bush-era tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 "pending reform of the tax code."

On healthcare, the platform says Republicans want to reform Medicare and Medicaid from the "current unsustainable defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model." The platform also says a Republican president would use his "waiver authority" to stop implementation of the Obama administration's healthcare reform law on that president's first day in office.

Additionally, the platform says Republicans are against taxes "to redistribute income, fund unnecessary or ineffective programs or foster the crony capitalism that corrupts both politicians and corporations."

A new Pew Research Poll found that 52 percent of Americans say they're interested in what the full platform says while 44 percent say they're more interested in Mitt Romney's speech when he accepts the Republican Party nomination for president.