Romney adviser dodges questions on Chris Christie turning down VP offer

Romney adviser Beth Myers refused to address a story Monday from the New York Post reporting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had been offered the job as a running mate, but ultimately turned down the offer because he would have had to resign his current job — and wasn't confident the ticket would prevail in November.

"I'm not going to talk about any of the VP candidates or any of the VP search," Myers said when asked about the story.

Pressed by ABC News's Jonathan Karl, moderating the panel in Tampa, Fla., about whether she could simply deny the story was true — as Christie has already — Myers again deferred.

"I'm not going to talk about any of it," Myers said.

Myers's unwillingness to refute the report could provide additional fuel to a story that has been the subject of much speculation ahead of Christie's keynote address Tuesday night.

According to the report, Christie would have been forced to resign his post as governor to avoid fundraising rules that would have prevented contributions from Wall Street, but the New Jersey governor was reluctant to do so.

Christie advisers worked hard to extinguish the story on Monday after the report appeared in the Post. On Tuesday morning, Christie himself blasted the story as "shoddy reporting."

"This is just a bunch of shoddy reporting by The Post, and they know it. Both those reporters know me and neither of them ever called me. If they wanted to know if that story was true or not, I don't suffer from not giving straight answers," Christie told CBS News. "If they wanted to know, they could’ve known, but what they wanted to do was get a nice front-page story the day the convention was canceled to give everybody something to talk about. I not only believe Mitt Romney can win, I believe he will win, and I’m here because I support him and believe in what he’s going to do for our country. So, bad reporting and bad story."