Tampa is ‘pretty entertaining show,’ says dismissive Obama on the stump

Tampa is ‘pretty entertaining show,’ says dismissive Obama on the stump

President Obama on Tuesday dismissed the GOP convention as “a pretty entertaining show” during a campaign appearance in Iowa in which he lambasted Mitt Romney.

Obama said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee and other Republicans won't provide “a path forward” for the country.

“It should be a pretty entertaining show,” Obama told a crowd at Iowa State University. “And I'm sure they'll have some wonderful things to say about me. But what you won't hear from them is a path forward that meets the challenges of our time.”

After a one-day weather delay, Republican speakers hit the stage in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday afternoon and immediately began hammering Obama. Republican National Committee Co-Chairwoman Sharon Day said Republicans “need to defeat a president whose actions threaten our liberty.”

Obama’s appearance in Iowa was intended to offer some counter-programming, and the president tailored his message for young voters.

During the speech, which lasted just over 25 minutes, Obama went full-throttle on his opponent, telling the students that Romney has written off young people as a "lost generation" and doesn't have their best interests in mind. He also lambasted the GOP standard-bearer for threatening to repeal his healthcare reform plan upon taking office.

"Maybe we should call his plan 'Romney doesn't care,' because I do care," Obama said, trying to come up with a new catchphrase to counter "ObamaCare," a derisive term coined by Republicans for the Affordable Care Act.

The president said the election in November offers Americans "the chance to prove the cynics wrong" and warned of an "avalanche of attack ads and insults and distractions."

And sometimes, he added of the other side, "they will fib."

While the GOP convention takes place this week, Obama will head to swing states Colorado and Virginia, where he plans to target the youth vote.

It remained unclear on Tuesday if Obama would catch any part of the GOP convention. An Obama campaign aide told reporters that she would have to check.