Both Gingriches address convention

“Both weakened the respect for America abroad; both increased government programs, filled with waste and inefficiency that failed to produce results; both made promises they couldn't keep; and, as a consequence of ineffective policies, both were unable to revive our economy and create jobs,” Callista continued.

Allowing Gingrich to speak about the Reagan legacy was a gift to the former presidential contender, who famously bickered with Rick Santorum ahead of the Florida primary about his invocation of the conservative icon. The former Pennsylvania senator argued Gingrich had overstated his influence during the Reagan administration and favored big government programs Reagan would have rejected.

The pair were warmly received by the convention crowd, earning a standing ovation. Despite a speaking slot early in the evening, the crowd attentively cheered at applause points throughout.

The Gingriches launched into a few of the former House Speaker's pet policy areas from his aborted presidential campaign, including energy prices and welfare reform.

Newt hammered Obama on some administrative changes to the welfare programs that would allow states to apply for waivers for the welfare work requirement. While Democrats and independent fact checkers have pointed out waivers would only be granted when states move more workers to work, Gingrich doubled down on his argument the change “gutted” bipartisan welfare reform.

“Obama's waiving of the work requirements in welfare reform is just one example of his direct repudiation of President Reagan's values,” Gingrich said. “Obama's proud of what he's done and of his politically motivated partisanship, but he should be ashamed for putting politics before people.”

While the remarks mostly focused on drawing parallels between Carter and Obama while heaping praise on Reagan, the Gingriches did also offer praise for the current Republican nominee.

“Gov. Romney will return America to work, and to the principles that are at the core of President Reagan's legacy,” Callista Gingrich said.