Do Candidates Matter?

The delta between core and swing voters is shifting from candidates to issues. How are campaign strategists leveraging this new reality?

With the rapid growth of issues-based Super PACs and traditional campaign tactics being deployed to target issues over individual candidates, the landscape of American political campaigns is shifting. Join The Hill's A.B. Stoddard and a panel of seasoned campaign strategists to learn how to leverage this new era of issues-based voting. Participants include:

David Dixon, Dixon/Davis Media Group, and former communications consultant to Obama for America

Todd Harris, Bipartisan Policy Center, and former communications strategist for Sens. Marco Rubio & John McCain and Govs. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jeb Bush

Brian J. Walsh, Singer Bonjean Strategies, and former strategist for the National Republican Senatorial Committee

Michael Horn, Resonate VP, Research & Insights and author of the recent study "2014 Voter Motivations Landscape."