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Petraeus for president?

Time to call up the mature and seasoned veteran.

Run, Gov. Kasich, run

It might seem early to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, but this race is on.

A plan for Kerry 2016?

There still might be a path to the White House for John Kerry.

Clinton 2016, above the law

Suddenly, the coronation has begun to look like an inquisition.

Jeb Bush's (mis)calculation

He has almost gone out of his way to antagonize the Republican base.

Scott Walker catches flak

The Wisconsin faces criticism over his comments comparing union protesters to ISIS.

Dishonesty in politics and the 2016 race

The campaign will reflect how much weight voters place on the integrity of candidates.

Hillary Clinton is no victim

But her looped victim audio track has been playing for 20-plus years.

The Clinton season has passed

For America to descend into nostalgia and reenactment now would be catastrophic.

Bibi and Hillary at a turning

This week saw Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu come to town and Clinton's unannounced presidential...

Maryland after Mikulski

Who are the leading contenders to replace the venerable senator?