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2016 presidential election

Truth, justice and the GOP way

A Congress controlled by Republicans is now the order of the day.

Don't get cocky, Republicans

Republicans have a mandate, but they have to produce results.

The Mitt Romney wiggle

The endless loop of 2016 Romneymania continues to spin and it's giving me a headache.

Jeb Bush yes, Ben Carson no

There are only two or possibly three Republicans who would give Hillary Clinton a good race.

Romney/Sandoval 2016

Can a more perfect Republican dream team be imagined going into 2016?

The Republicans who really want to run

The GOP presidential contenders need to show conservatives how they would take on Hillary Clinton.

Candidates and Common Core

You can usually connect the dots between opposition to Common Core and a Republican seeking, or...

A Clinton doctrine emerges

Astute observers are turning to the public statements of former Secretary of State Clinton.

Why Mitt fits the times

There are four convergent trends that favor Romney.

Clinton-McRaven in 2016?

Suppose Hillary is headed back to the White House as P.O.T.U.S. this time with a different Bill in...

Chelsea's baby in 2064!

Some of us may tune out 2016 campaign coverage before President Obama's second term is half over.