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What the president does next

He could burnish his legacy by creating a consistent vision for the Democratic Party.

Advice for the newly elected

Here is some unsolicited advice for the idealistic newcomers as they arrive in DC.

Does it matter who wins?

Americans deserve so much better than what either Democrats or Republicans have offered up.

Too tuned out to turn out

It only makes sense to pay attention to how you are governed if you believe you have some say.

Counting or guessing Hispanic votes

Hispanic votes are easy to quantify when analyzing 100-percent Hispanic precincts. The further away...

The age of anxiety

Voters, as usual, are perceiving deeper patterns that superficial political debates ignore.

Mark Warner, endangered after all

There's no passion for him among Democrats. So this year, they did not bother to show up.

How the Democrats can get it back

A revolution may have started in America on Tuesday. From coast to coast, the states awaken.

Truth, justice and the GOP way

A Congress controlled by Republicans is now the order of the day.

Don't get cocky, Republicans

Republicans have a mandate, but they have to produce results.

Cruz declares war if GOP wins Senate

Cruz promises more confrontation in the Senate, more gridlock in Washington and more partisanship...