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The Hill's 12:30 Report: ISIS uses Trump in video | Prominent Republicans look to Clinton | Trump compares Melania Trump, Heidi Cruz | Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel tonight | National Cake Pop Day

NEW ISIS VIDEO RELEASED – FEATURING TRUMP?!: ISIS has released a new online video calling for jihad in the wake of the Brussels attacks, according to Reuters. The video features images of Donald TrumpDonald TrumpSpicer speaks out after resignation: It’s been an honor and a privilege OPINION | Sean Spicer was doomed from Day 1 OPINION | Spicer is no martyr, Scaramucci a clueless pundit MORE and footage of the presidential candidate calling Brussels a "horror show" after the attacks. Oh.

NEW POLL -- CLINTON WOULD BEAT TRUMP: Most Americans think Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonWhat will happen if Trump fires Mueller or pardons Putingate suspects? Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all documents about Trump Jr. meeting: report OPINION | Hey Dems, Russia won't define 2018, so why not fix your party's problems instead? MORE would beat Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, 56 percent to 42. Also, 43 percent saw Clinton as honest and trustworthy, while 38 percent picked Trump. Seventeen percent said neither could be trusted. :(

It's Thursday and Uber has launched a new meal delivery service in D.C.! Details are below. I'm Cate Martel with a quick recap of what you missed this morning -- and what's on tap for the rest of the day. Send comments, story ideas and the best places for cake pops to and on Facebook.

DON'T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS YET, HILLARY: Via The Hill's Amie Parnes, in a speech last night, Hillary Clinton only referenced the race against Bernie SandersBernie SandersOPINION | Hey Dems, Russia won't define 2018, so why not fix your party's problems instead? OPINION | They told us to abandon ObamaCare — then came the resistance OPINION | Shailene Woodley: US should run on renewable energy by 2050 MORE once. But Democrats warn she better not turn her back on the primary race as Sanders continues to rack up delegates, especially for fear of alienating young voters.

OH, THIS IS A HEADLINE I NEVER THOUGHT I'D READ: Via The Hill's Kristina Wong, members of the Republican foreign policy establishment are open to supporting Hillary Clinton if that's what it takes to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. "I don't know what's worse -- having Trump say all those ridiculous things and being totally clueless, or having him say all those things and actually mean it?" said Stephen Rodriguez, a former Bush adviser who was among a group of foreign policy experts to sign a letter against Trump. Those are some tough words.

BUT THERE'S ANOTHER SHORT-TERM ROUTE, TOO: Via The Hill's Niall Stanage, desperate members of the Republican establishment, who have intensely disliked Ted CruzTed CruzEx-CBO directors defend against GOP attacks on ObamaCare analysis Cruz: GOP will 'look like fools' if ObamaCare isn’t repealed The GOP Wonder Women who saved healthcare for 22 million MORE, are turning to the Texas senator as a last-resort against Donald Trump. Examples: Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Sen. Lindsey GrahamLindsey GrahamSenators who have felt McCain's wrath talk of their respect for him McCain absence adds to GOP agenda’s uncertainty Graham and Kushner met to discuss immigration differences: report MORE (R-S.C.)

COME AGAIN FOR BIG FUDGE?: Reports Wednesday claimed the man who shot former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords during a shooting rampage in 2011 was suing her for $25 million for emotional and psychological distress. The claim: The lawsuit says the government put a chip in his head to control his mind. It also claims his attorney is a "global spy" who forced him to plead guilty 

OH BUT WAIT: Turns out the lawsuit was a hoax. A new report claims another disturbed prisoner, not Jared Lee Loughner, filed the lawsuit.

'HEY MEESH. MEESH! HI. HEY. HEY. HEY.': First lady Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaBudowsky: Dems need council of war The Hill's 12:30 Report Michelle Obama gets standing ovation at ESPYs MORE was seen giving President Obama the best glare at the baseball game in Cuba. Obama was definitely trolling her. It's hilarious.

HOW CLASSY THIS ELECTION HAS BEEN. SIGH.: Donald Trump has intensified his feud with Ted Cruz over their wives' looks. Trump shared an image on Twitter around midnight Wednesday comparing his wife, Melania, a former model, to Cruz's wife, stating, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Alright, game over. I'm done for the day.

I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON LINDSEY GRAHAM FOR THE JOKE: "It's a good year to be single," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) quipped when calling on Trump and Cruz to stop feuding over Cruz's wife.



The Washington Post (Lol.)
Someone wrote "Trump 2016" on Emory's campus in chalk. Some students said they no longer feel safe. 

The Washington Examiner's David M. Drucker retweeted adding: Don't become journalists. 

IJ Review's Hunter Schwarz
How I feel when I hear CNN's election music



The House and Senate are both out for #SpringBreak2016 #WOOO. Donald Trump's next rally isn't until next Tuesday in Janesville, Wis. -- he must be jealous of Congress's spring break. And if that location sounds familiar, it should: It's Speaker Paul RyanPaul RyanWant bipartisan health reform? Make the debate honest again Ex-CBO directors defend against GOP attacks on ObamaCare analysis Ryan: CBO's healthcare estimate is 'bogus' MORE's hometown.

Today: Hillary Clinton is holding three fundraisers in California.

12 p.m. EDT: President Obama delivers a statement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He will then travel to Bariloche and back to Washington, D.C., tonight.

2:30 p.m. EDT: Ted Cruz will take a factory tour in Dane, Wis.

5 p.m. EDT: Bernie Sanders is holding a rally in Spokane, Wash.

6 p.m. EDT: Ted Cruz also heads to Speaker Ryan's hometown and will hold a rally in Janesville, Wis.

7:10 p.m. EDT: March Madness kicks back up with the Miami (3)/Villanova (2) game.

7:37 p.m. EDT: Texas A&M (3) plays Oklahoma (2) in March Madness.

9:40 p.m. EDT: Maryland (5) plays Kansas (1) in March Madness. 

9:55 p.m. EDT: Duke (4) plays Oregon (1) in March Madness. 

10 p.m. EDT: Bernie Sanders will hold a rally in Yakima, Wash.



11:35 p.m. EDT: Hillary Clinton will appear on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."



Today is National Cake Pop Day! If you want to celebrate in D.C., a new "cakepoppery" in Woodley Park claims they have the best cake pops ever. I'm intrigued.

WINTER IS COMING: One month from today, Game of Thrones will return for season 6.

WHAT. A. PROTEST.: A man climbed an 80-foot tree and built a makeshift nest. He refused to come down, so there's just been a standoff with police. The best line: "We can't spread out the trampolines and get out the tranquilizer gun as if he's a bear. ... We'll just have to wait him out."

WELL THAT'S A LOT OF PINK: A Hello Kitty-themed express train has launched in Taiwan. You have to check out these photos. Fans were so giddy that over 300 of the headrest covers were stolen after the first ride. At least pretend to play it cool, guys.

JUST IN CASE WE NEEDED MORE FOOD OPTIONS: Via DCist's Christina Sturdivant, Uber has launched a meal delivery app with 100 restaurants in D.C. Your author downloaded it and it looks a lot like GrubHub with a few extra features. All deliveries are free for the launch. It's worth checking out.

And with that, here is a recipe for red velvet churros that look like they could change your life. Enjoy.

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