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--> A midday take on what's happening in politics and how to have a sense of humor about it.*

*Ha. Haha. Hahah. Sniff. Haha. Sniff. Ha--breaks down crying hysterically.


The Hill's 12:30 Report: Trump questions why Civil War had to happen | Lawmakers get spending deal | WH hopes for healthcare vote this week | Trump says Obama wiretapping claim 'proven very strongly' | Agency photo goof-up 

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TALK OF THE MORNING -- THIS IS LITERALLY AN EPISODE OF 'DRUNK HISTORY': During an interview, President Trump questioned why the country had a Civil War and suggested former President Andrew Jackson could have prevented it had he served later. Quote: "I mean had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later you wouldn't have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart," Trump said. "He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said, 'There's no reason for this.' " Trump also said: "People don't ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?" Full exchange:

*Record scratches to a halt*: From NBC's Brad Jaffy: "Andrew Jackson was a slaveholding plantation owner. He also died 16 years before the Civil War began. This Trump answer is astonishing."

The 88-second audio is key for context:

It's Monday -- Happy May! If you haven't seen the annual meme that celebrates NSYNC's favorite holiday, I gotchu: I'm Cate Martel with a quick recap of the morning and what's coming up. Send comments, story ideas and events for our radar to and on Facebook.


ANNNNNND, WE HAVE A DEAL!: Via The Hill's Alexander Bolton and Scott Wong, congressional negotiators have signed off on a deal to fund the government through September, avoiding a shutdown of federal agencies over a dispute on President Trump's border wall and other issues, according to two senior congressional aides. Details:

Full text: If you're into that kinda thing...

Yay for Dems: No funding for building a wall; doesn't eliminate money for so-called sanctuary cities; doesn't cut funding for Planned Parenthood; National Institutes of Health will see a $2 billion funding increase; protects 99 percent of the Environmental Protection Agency's budget and increases clean energy and science funding in spite of Trump's calls to cut all three priorities; permanently extends health benefits for retired miners.

Yay for Republicans: $1.5 billion for border security and $15 billion in additional defense funding -- though it's short of the $30 billion in supplemental military funding Trump requested in his budget blueprint.

STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN: Former Vice President Joe BidenJoseph (Joe) Robinette BidenBiden says 'enough is enough' after Santa Fe school shooting Zinke provided restricted site tours to friends: report Democrat wins Philadelphia-area state House seat for the first time in decades MORE drew a groan from the crowd at an annual Democratic Party dinner in New Hampshire this weekend when he addressed the elephant in the room. "Guys, I'm not running!" he said.

​GETTING TRACTION -- ​ALRIGHT, WE'RE DONE HERE: During a CBS interview with John Dickerson, President Trump said that he feels his accusations of wiretapping by former President Obama have been "proven very strongly." Trump: "I don't stand by anything ... I have my own opinions. You can have your opinions." Dickerson: "But I want to know your opinions. You're the president of the United States." Trump: "Okay, it's enough. Thank you. Thank you very much," Trump said, ending the interview and walking away. The video is pretty awkward:

MEH, THIS WEEK IS TOO CALM -- ANYONE HAVE ANY LIGHTER FLUID TO THROW ON THE FLAME?: White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said this morning that he believes there will be a healthcare vote this week. "I certainly hope so. ... I think it will happen this week," Priebus said on "CBS This Morning." Priebus said he thinks there will be enough votes to pass the revised GOP legislation.

Latest vote count: 21 GOP no votes on new ObamaCare replacement bill.

NAH, LIGHTER FLUID'S TOO BORING. GASOLINE?!: Via The New York Times's Mark LanderPresident Trump had a "very friendly" conversation with the controversial president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte -- it went so well that Trump invited Duterte to the White House. Why this is so newsy: Trump reportedly didn't clear this invitation with the State Department. Context -- Why Duterte is so controversial: Duterte has encouraged the extrajudicial killings of thousands of his own citizens accused of dealing or using drugs. He has also compared his campaign to kill drug users to the Holocaust.

White House's defense: Chief of staff Reince Priebus defended President Trump's phone call, arguing cooperation with the Philippines is necessary to counter North Korea.

NEW -- Duterte's response: Talk to the hand: Duterte said he could not commit to visiting the White House, saying he is "tied up." Reasoning: "I cannot make any definite promise. I am supposed to go to Russia, I am supposed to go to Israel," he said, according to Yahoo News.



Politico's Jake Sherman
This White House has gotten into the habit of telling reporters what Congress is going to do & when. It's really irking lawmakers and aides 



The House and Senate are in this afternoon.

Today: Thousands of demonstrators are expected to participate in protest and marches across the country on Monday to mark May Day, also knows as International Workers Day.

12:30 p.m. EDT: President Trump has lunch with Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis. Trump then has a private meeting with Tillerson.

3:30 p.m. EDT: Freshman Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) chats about her early experiences in Congress on the Sidewire app.

5:15 p.m. EDT: Joel White of the Council for Affordable Health Coverage chats on the Sidewire app about the Affordable Care Act and House Republicans' replacement plan. 

6:30 p.m. EDT: The House votes. Their schedule today:

6 p.m. EDT Tuesday: The Charles Koch Institute is hosting an event titled "Police Body Cameras: Building Effective Guidelines that Support Accountability and Civil Liberties" featuring Sen. Tim ScottTimothy (Tim) Eugene ScottFed nominees vow to rebuff pressure from Trump on interest rates The Hill's 12:30 Report Juan Williams: Trump's useful idiots MORE (R-S.C.) and a panel of experts to weigh the pros and cons surrounding the implementation of police body cameras. Details: 

7:30 p.m. EDT Tuesday: The Smithsonian American Art Museum and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation are hosting a gala to mark what would be President John F. Kennedy's 100th birthday and to debut a new photo exhibition. Featured speakers include: Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, journalist Tom Brokaw and Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainOvernight Defense: Pompeo lays out new Iran terms | Pentagon hints at more aggressive posture against Iran | House, Senate move on defense bill Senate GOP urges Trump administration to work closely with Congress on NAFTA Sarah Sanders: ‘Democrats are losing their war against women in the Trump administration’ MORE (R-Ariz.). 



1:30 p.m. EDT: White House press secretary Sean Spicer gives the daily press briefing. Livestream:

3:10 p.m. EDT: Vice President Pence speaks at the National Small Business Week awards program at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Livestream:

7:30 a.m. EDT Tuesday: The 8th Annual Adobe Digital Government Symposium in Washington, D.C. Featured speakers include: Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas); Dr. John Zangardi, acting chief information officer of the Department of Defense; and John Edwards, CIO of the CIA. Livestream:

10 a.m. EDT Wednesday: FBI Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Livestream:



Today is National Chocolate Parfait Day!

OH THIS IS GREAT: Via Time, the U.S. Agency for International Development posted a photo of an Afghan pomegranate farmer. Can you spot what's wrong here...?: "Some Twitter users noted that the pink flowers shared in the post looked remarkably similar to opium poppies, which can be used to make heroin." See for yourself:

And because you read this far, here's a duckling enjoying a hair blowout:


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