Obama makes last minute push on jobs

Obama in remarks at the Rose Garden said support for the package should come from both parties because preventing layoffs of police officers, firefighters and teachers "should not be a partisan issue."

The president spoke hours before the House is scheduled to vote on the legislation. House lawmakers interrupted their August recess to return to Washington for the vote after the Senate approved the package last week.

Republicans have criticized the measure as a special interest giveaway to unions, and Obama was only too happy to invoke House Minority Leader John Boehner's (Ohio) criticism. 

"I suppose if America's children and the safety of our communities are your special interests, then it is a special interest bill," Obama said. 

Democrats hope the measure will provide them with some ammunition for the campaign trail heading into November.

Obama argued Tuesday the bill is "fully paid for" by closing tax loopholes, and he pledged that it "will not add to our deficit." 

"America's watching, and America's waiting for Washington to act," Obama said. "So let's show the nation we can." 

Boehner, in a statement, continued to criticize Obama and Democrats for stimulus spending that has not resulted in a larger influx of jobs. 

“Everyone knows that state budgets have been hit hard, and no one wants teachers to lose their jobs," Boehner said. "But where do the bailouts end? The American people are fed up with the Democrats’ 'stimulus' spending, and they certainly don’t want another job-killing tax hike on U.S. job-creators.”