Obama: 'World is safer' with bin Laden dead

President Obama declared "this is a good day for America" in comments from the White House just hours after his announcement that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Obama, speaking about bin Laden at the beginning of a ceremony to honor two Medal of Honor recipients, said "the world is safer" after bin Laden's death.

As further details of the daring strike by a U.S. Navy SEAL team emerged on Monday, the White House was in a jubilant mood.

The president repeated the belief he expressed Sunday night that, as Americans, "there is nothing we can't do."

U.S. special operations forces killed bin Laden Sunday after a weekend mission ordered by Obama. No U.S. troops or civilians were hurt in the firefight that left the man behind the Sept. 11, 2011, terrorist attacks dead. 

Celebrations near the White House and Ground Zero in New York City broke out after the announcement late Sunday night.