White House will provide answers to House's questions on Libya policy

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that the administration will answer the questions House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) outlined in a congressional resolution last week.

President Obama and Congress have been at odds over the mission in Libya, with the White House claiming that Obama has acted consistently with the War Powers Act and Congress criticizing Obama for not seeking the authority to use military force in Libya.

Carney said that the White House will "answer the questions in that resolution in the spirit that we have answered questions that members have had in the past, and consistent with that approach towards consulting Congress, we will answer the questions in that resolution within the time frame that [Boehner] specifies."

But Carney stressed that the White House has had constant consultations with Congress, estimating the numbers of briefings administration officials have done for members at 40.

"I can say that this president takes very seriously what he sees as his obligation and his administration's obligation to consult regularly with Congress, broadly and with the appropriate members of the appropriate committees on matters like his policy towards Libya," Carney said. "And I can tell you that those consultations on Libya have been extensive and constant."

Carney repeated the White House belief that despite the rift with Congress, a majority of lawmakers support the goals Obama has outlined in Libya.

"The goals that the president has ... with regard to Libya are widely shared by members of Congress of both parties and both houses; and that is to allow the Libyan people to choose their own future, and with regard to the NATO mission, to protect civilians, enforce a no-fly zone and enforce an arms embargo," Carney said.