Carney: Obama’s policies saved $1T

Twenty-four hours closer to the nation "cataclysmically" exceeding its borrowing authority, the White House appeared to be losing patience, as officials urged Congress to get moving on a plan that can pass.

White House press secretary Jay Carney continued to dismiss House Speaker John Boehner's proposal, holding steady on a veto threat from President Obama while offering qualified endorsements and a defense of Senate Majority Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) plan.

Carney defended Reid's proposal in particular for containing savings attributed to drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying that money saved by not being at war is the same as money saved from cutting programs.

"If you're asking me if the policy decisions of this president are going to save $1 trillion, I'd say yes," Carney said. "And I encourage you to write and talk about it."

Carney blasted Republicans at every turn of the process on Capitol Hill, criticizing Boehner for wasting time crafting and debating legislation that has no hope of passing.

"That ate up a week," Carney said. "Now we're doing it again."

The White House also upped its pushback on any notion that the Aug. 2 deadline is not real.

Carney, calling the deadline a "crisis situation," said that while the country will not "turn into a pumpkin" at midnight on Aug. 3, "we do as a country lose our borrowing authority for the first time in history."

"That deadline is hard and fast," Carney said. "There is no escaping that, and there are no off-ramps. People keep looking for off-ramps. There are no off-ramps."

While Boehner spent Wednesday whipping votes and rewriting his legislation, Carney indicated there was no change in the president's veto threat over any legislation that would only extend the debt ceiling for a few months.