White House applauds N. Korea sanctions

President Obama's ambassador to the United Nations hailed new sanctions passed by the security council against North Korea, but warned that the U.S. expects the country to respond "irresponsibly."

Ambassador Susan Rice told reporters at the White House on Friday that the U.S. did have to make some concessions, but the administration is "pleased" with the tough sanctions that go into effect Friday in response to North Korea's recent missile tests and nuclear activity.

"This is a very robust, tough regime with teeth that will bite in North Korea," Rice said.

North Korea warned recently that any new sanctions would be considered an act of war.

Rice declined to "speculate" on how the country might respond, but she warned that given North Korea's actions in the past, it is likely the country will respond to the new sanctions.

"There's reason to believe they will respond to this in an irresponsible manner," Rice said.

But she said, it is important that North Korea "pay a price" for its actions thus far.

Among the new sanctions, which include new financial sanctions and a total embargo of exports of weapons and weapons materials, is a new provision that would allow countries to "consensually" board and inspect North Korean vessels.

However, Rice acknowledged that the sanctions do not contain the authorization to use military force if the ship refuses to allow boarding and inspection. She declined to say if the U.S. had fought for but failed to win that provision.